3d, digital book, white board drawing, mathamagic land

Software developer Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad. Something I’v been considering for the future of my children’s books as well as interactive history books.

A great little cartoon teaching about the Golden Ratio, featuring Donald Duck.

A while ago I came across RSA animate http://www.thersa.org/. If your new to these animated lectures I strongly recommend checking them out. Apart from being extremely interesting and thought provoking with some speakers also featured on http://www.ted.com/ (another great site to check out), they are a great example of how visualizing information helps to express the meaning and the way it is absorbed by the viewer.

At the moment I’m working on a commissioned project in the same style as RSA animate, its great fun to do. The company is using it for promotional reasons, so hopefully I will be able to post it on this site quite soon. (so here it is)  http://www.capgemini.com/virtualize/home/

After Effects:

Following a tutorial, Iv recently learned how to make this glass sphere animation.

However by accident I also learned that by taking away certain  textures you can also create this strange effect, which I think would look really interesting if used to created a 3d animation involving characters interacting within a sort of retro virtual world.

3D max:

Recently I’ve been learning 3d modelling in my spare time. I started to learn the foundations of character modelling by creating this low poly model of my friends head. Its very rewarding once you get to grips with the software.

It’s starting to get there I just need to add some hair and a body. My next steps will be to create a body, then rig the whole character ready for some animation. After this I will be able use every thing I’v learned to create models and animations more in my style.


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