1935 animation, how people see different colours doc, the power of trial and error, thought experiments

Six famous thought experiments explained quickly

Animated interview with PHD students talking about dark matter. Very interesting in terms of subject as well as the way its animated.
A great interactive motion info-graphic visualizing the scale of the universe.  Put it on full screen and go through it really quickly if you want to feel like your brain is melting 🙂

This is the most essential part of the documentary, whether people see colors differently or not.

Economics writer Tim Harford studies complex systems – and finds a surprising link among the successful ones : they were built through trial and error. In this sparkling talk he asks us to embrace our randomness and start making better mistakes. If you don’t have the time skip to 11/12 mins in.

A cigarette advert from 1935 by Len Lye ; colour animation made by painting directly onto the film.


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