Similarities, graph shape of stories, flying robots, metaphors, the science of aesthetics, Kurt Vonnegut on importance of creativity and happy painting

 A world of similarities 🙂

A great clip from a lecture by Kurt Vonnegut on the ‘simple shapes of stories!

If you enjoyed the above clip here is another lecture Vonnegut gave at Albion Collage where he received a honorary doctorate in 2002. The lecture’s title is “How to Get Job Like Mine”.

This tape was donated to the Art Science Research by mr. Vonnegut. In this first section amongst other things just as not to use semi colons; he talks about the importance and meaningfulness of creativity.

A troupe of 16 quadrotors (flying robots) dance to and manipulate sound and light at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2012.

UC-Berkeley Linguistics Professor George Lakoff discusses how idea framing and metaphors contribute to shaping the way we think.

21th june 2012

(October 16, 2009) Stephen Palmer, UC Berkeley Psychology, discusses his research on how humans think about, associate and react to color to demonstrate that it is possible to study the science of aesthetics

Some funny/nice moments with Bob Ross and his son Steve Ross.


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