Longest winter in the UK for 50 years

As most people seem to know, here in the UK, we cant seem to stop talking about the weather, although mainly its because we get allot of it, last summer we had the wettest summer ever recorded, and next has come the longest winter in 50 years, after this we will have a hosepipe ban before the gas shortage and then the summer will most certainly be the hottest summer for the last 80 years (or something like that) But at least we will always have the option of talking about the weather in awkward situations where small talk is required 🙂

The ‘ice man’ embraces the cold as he embraces life!


picturecontent-pid-2a3e9 picturecontent-pid-398cb picturecontent-pid-5ab12 macrosnow-10 macrosnow-5

Something to warm the cockles of your heart….


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