The danger of the single story, illustrated talk.

This is an illustration I created of the TED talk ”the danger of the single story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Most often described as scribing or graphic facilitation, this type of illustration aims to quickly capture the essence of a presentation/lecture/talk so that then it can be used as reference to better remember the talk itself. The main difference with this image is  that it is a fully illustrated lecture. I aimed to create an image that was self sufficient rather than reference. Therefore this image shows all of the information spoken by Chimamanda,  including background information to give the viewer a deeper context. I used text for more specific quotes and combined visual representation for parts within the speech that were more descriptive. I used my own visual interpretations to create connectivity throughout the image so that ultimately you are able come away with a understanding of the message as a whole.



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