Stop Before Your Op- Stop Smoking Wales.

This animation was created to help patients quit smoking before surgery.

The film was created in collaboration with  Dr Tony Funnell, an anaesthetist at the University Hospital of Wales, For the NHS Stop Before Your Op to highlight the benefits of smoking cessation.


Samsung DI 3.0 make it meaningful –

Samsung DI 3.0 make it meaningful – I was approached by the corporate design centre team in Seoul to create a whiteboard animation encompassing Samsung’s new design initiative 3.0. In this animation, Nick Leon talks about ideas from his talks on Service design, business ethos, and contemporary design.

This new design strategy covers many areas with some complicated ideas. Therefore, it was beneficial to create a presentation that would connect with the viewers on many levels. The animation was created to inspire the designers within Samsung to take on the new ideas with Samsung’s Design 3.0, It also was used in conferences and talks promoting design 3.0.

 Jim Carrey on Doing What You Love –I first came across this speech through a friend, and we talked about how great it would be to take this inspiring story and turn it into a short animation. This is the first time I used video scribe for an animation and I think it worked out quite well. As always I used after effects for the animations.


Capgemini, Promotional animation on Virtualization – This animation was created to help Capgemini visualise the process of Virtualization for their business customers and was created alongside the guys at SeeWhatYouMean.

 First Campus Mentoring Programme, part 2 Communication – This animation is one of 7 to be used as a supplementary training video within the First Campus Mentoring Programme. It was great to work as a part of a team on this animation and bounce ideas off each other. In the end, I think we came up with a very engaging way to bring the script and diagrams to life. Concept by Helen Turnbull, Louise Smith and myself Victor Hagger. Illustration by Louise Smith,  Production and Animation by myself Victor Hagger. Project Management Helen Turnball. Script and Diagrams by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The visual interpretation of information within the context of animation (such as the whiteboard method made famous by RSA animate) is the visual extension of verbal and written communication. You can hear the information verbally, read it, as well as have a meaningful representation of that information in real time, much in the same way as a live drawing in unison with a speaker’s speech. This helps the viewer to create the right links to better understand and remember the information.