Alike to most artists I have been drawing and making art since I can remember.  For example; when I drew cars all over my mother’s passport at the age of one and a half, and when I drew a circle on my Gran’s sofa only to think that if I covered it all in circles it would mask it! Soon I discovered paper and my interests were less pricey!

My Grandparents house

I was born in Chisinau the capital of Moldova, a very picturesque country situated between Romania and Ukraine, close to Russia Check out the Moldovan Rich Picture on this site to find out more. I spent my early childhood growing up there and always look back with a sense of nostalgia, I try to visit as often as I can and it’s always as idyllic.

A few miles south west of Penzance is Lands End

When I was eight I moved to Cornwall where  I still call home and where most of my family still lives.

Roath Park Cardiff

I studied Illustration as part of the first group graduating from the brand new and exciting course at Cardiff School of Art and Design. There I attained My BA honours degree in Illustration. Apart from all the experiences of university, it was also my own Ideas about illustration and my practice that had the opportunity to develop during this time. I started to think about and incorporate different areas of knowledge into my work not typically associated with the study of art but I feel are just as important when practising it.

Upon the completion of my degree, I was approached by a company called SeeWhatYouMean, we developed a good relationship working with some of their major clients, and I still continue to work with them on various projects.balloon1_2640613k.jpg

Within my first year of completing my degree I moved to the vibrant and artistic city of Bristol, UK (once voted the best city to live in England!) where I  had the pleasure of working with the local city council in helping them to visualize information needed to help steer the council (internally) in the right direction for their intended 2020 goals, as well as working with local and community-based projects.


I am now based in Brighton and I continue to work with local and international clients and cannot help but feel very enthusiastic when working in with visual information as I think it can be a very powerful and productive way to absorb information and understand complex ideas.