The RSA Animate Revolution – Andrew Park and Richard Wiseman

Acclaimed popular psychologist Richard Wiseman joins celebrated RSA Animate illustrator Andrew Park to unveil new evidence that shows that RSA Animate videos not only entertain, but educate in a surprisingly effective way.

The RSA would like to make the following correction. The audio editing of the RSA Animate under discussion featuring Roman Kraznaric’s work was edited by former RSA member of staff Becca Pyne. This was an unintentional error made in the course of a live event.



Stop Before Your Op- Stop Smoking Wales.

I recently worked on this animation for the NHS, which I am very proud of as I think free medical in the UK is a great thing and hope that someday it will regain the funding it deserves.
This animation was created to help patients quit smoking before surgery.

The film  was created in collaboration with  Dr Tony Funnell, an anesthetist at the University Hospital of Wales, For the NHS Stop Before Your Op to highlight the benefits of smoking cessation.

First Campus Mentoring Programme

A recent animation project with Helen Turnbull and Louise Smith

First Campus Mentoring Programme, part 2 Communication – This animation is one of 7 to be used as a supplementary training video within the First Campus Mentoring Programme. It was great to work as a part of a team on this animation and bounce ideas off each other. In the end I think we came up with a very engaging way to bring the script and diagrams to life. Concept by Helen Turnbull, Louise Smith and myself Victor Hagger. Illustration by Louise Smith,  Production and Animation by myself Victor Hagger. Project Management Helen Turnball. Script and Diagrams by Cardiff Metropolitan University.