Rich-Pictures/ Strategy Maps

Rich Picture and Strategy Map Illustrations 

Rich pictures and strategy maps are a great way to pitch or present your ideas and are a simple, engaging and effective alternative to the powerpoint presentation. With this method, I can help you win bids, explain strategies and processes, audit and deepen long-term relationships. PowerPoint epidemicHow to use a Rich-Picture:  A rich picture will be presented to an audience, with the speaker using visual cues within the image to tell their narrative.

Your narrative is an important part of the presentation and different perspectives can be used to make the most of your story, these may include but are not restricted to; before and after, with or without, past to present to future, and process maps.

A Rich-Picture can also be interactive, an individual can simply click on a section they wish to explore further, to bring up more detailed information. This will including videos, animations, sound and text.  final-blue_o

I have a long History working with SeeWhatYouMean, in fact I first heard the term ”rich-picture” being used by Richard Webb the head strategist at the company when he gave a talk in my first year of university, since then I have had the honour of working in their great team to create rich pictures and strategy maps for a global  brands and professional services companies such as KPMG, Gartner, Capgemini, Wragge & Co, Merlin Entertainments, Telefonica and many more.

I  work on rich picture and strategy map projects for my own clients such as collaborating with Aiimi and Anglian Water, to create their data management vision.  Bristol Council, setting out their present and future goals for their 2020 proposal. Social Student to show the many facets of their online student platform, as well as smaller projects such as CuppaMe to visualise their  ”about” page on their website and Angelica Pascal for her Paris tour guide website…

CuppaMe About Page

I created this about page infographics for CuppaMe based on the Rich-picture Principles.

Moldova Rich-Picture

Moldova Rich-Picture :

Rich-Pictures provide a mechanism for learning through the visualisation of complex Ideas and messages. Each individual topic can be seen within the context of the subject as a whole. This method helps to promote an understanding of the relationships between the topics of a larger subject.

Rich Picture project examples



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