Scribing /Graphic Facilitation

Scribing and Graphic Facilitation


TED talk  ”The Power of Story”  by Greg Power – Here I have taken the main theme of the talk and illustrated Greg’s method of ”influencing a person’s attitude and actions through the act of storytelling.  A technique used by successful political and brand campaigns.

Graphic Facilitation is the use of large-scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings,seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The early field of Graphic Facilitation was named “Explicit Group Memory” by Facilitator Geoff Ball, who “discovered” that a shared picture supported group learning or more importantly – a lasting memory in the group.

If you’re organizing an event, large or small, and you’re looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with your audience, live scribing or graphic facilitation is a uniquely powerful tool.

In a similar way to Rich-Pictures and strategy maps, when ideas are documented visually interesting new connections form between issues you thought were unrelated, and existing ideas come together to form new ones

TED talk ”the danger of the single story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie –To get the most from this image you must read it from top to bottom and left to right. – Most often described as scribing or graphic facilitation, this type of illustration aims to quickly capture the essence of a presentation/lecture/talk, so that then, it can be used as reference material to better remember the talk itself. The main difference with this image is  that it is a fully illustrated lecture. I aimed to create an image that was self-sufficient rather than reference. Therefore, this image shows all of the information that is actually spoken by Chimamanda,  including background information to give the viewer a deeper context.

I used text for more specific quotes and combined visual representation for parts of the speech that were more descriptive. I used my own visual interpretations to create connectivity throughout the image so that ultimately you are able to come away with an understanding of the message as a whole.